Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kayla's Ribbon Board

This hand carved beauty(yikes!) cost me about a dollar. Every year the Glen Oak retirement community host a huge sort of rummage sale/senior citizen bazaar. It is AWESOME. I missed this year and I almost cried. This was sitting in my craft closet for several months before I gave it a makeover. I decided to make a ribbon board for my sister in  law's Christmas gift. Yes, that is the Last Supper. It was so old and worn it disintegrated when you touched it and it got everywhere. Gr-oss. 
I quickly discarded that filth(the canvas, of course, not Jesus) but kept the frame the canvas was stretched on. I covered it with batting and fabric.
  I laid out how I wanted my ribbons. I'm a little Type A and so I had to make sure that the ribbons laid between the rows of flowers. 

I used straight pins to keep them in place and to make them tight. This way when you flip it over they won't go crazy.

I stapled, then trimmed excess.

I used nails to secure the board into the frame.

Finished product:
I love the texture and interest the hand carved frame gives. Hopefully she likes it too!

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