Friday, May 20, 2011

Stars or Flowers??

I absolutely CANNOT decide what to do as the back for my quilt. While shopping, I decided it would cost the same to do plain jane backing as it would to piece another top. This is one of the few quilts I plan on sending off to be professionally quilted so hey, might as well get two sides out of it. Right? So here are two patterns that I love. I have enough fabric to do either one. Help me decide!

Twin Stars:

- I think this pattern is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I get twitter-pated when I see it.
-My fabrics are very similar to the quilt above so I know my color variation will look good with this pattern.
- I might be bitting off a little more than I can chew. Reality is, I'm a beginner quilter. Physically, of course I can do it, it just might be a very frustrating and long process.
-Because it's more difficult, it will take longer to piece. The faster I finish, the faster I can start another quilt!

Floral bouquet
- This pattern is more simple and will be faster to piece.
-This totally fits the theme of my quilt. "Jardin des Amoureux" or Garden of Lovers.
- I intended this quilt to be versatile as a Queen/King sized quilt. In order to fit on a King bed, the quilt has to be flipped sideways. This pattern has to be up/down so it can only show on the queen sized bed.
-Is it too feminine?  This is going in a guest room or our master bedroom. Kyle likes it so it must not be too bad, right?
-I'm not sure there's enough color variation in my fabrics for this.

Something else all together?...