Saturday, April 23, 2011

The anticipation is KILLING ME!

I finally bought a hutch to redo off of craigslist today. I've been dreaming of hutch makeovers for several months now. Literally dreaming. Yes, I am that big of a freak. lol. The house it was in was sorta dark and it's imperfections became much more obvious once I saw it in daylight (already loaded in the truck). Oh well! No going back now! It just needs some extra love. Can't wait to start! First, I have to finish painting our chest of drawers. So many marvelous things to do! 

 bonus: At the same estate sale I also scored a beautiful set of China! A complete set of eight (40 pieces) for 20 bucks! I checked it out online and it would retail for about $220 new. (I am waaaaay to cheap to ever pay that) CHA-CHING!! Kyle thought it was silly to buy china that would only used for Christmas time. But Christmas time is my favorite season and I absolutely love all things Christmas.  If anyone would use them, it would be me. Gosh, I feel so sophisticated now.

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  1. I am not a good blogger I've decided.....It seems you are good at keeping up with it....Good Job !