Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disappearing Nine Patch

I have a sickness. I have become addicted to quilting. And, I love it! I just finished the top of my Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt using the French General Collection. My amazing Aunts are teaching me the ropes. I love our little Quilter's Anonymous "Meetings". It's so much fun to visit while we share our hobby. Not too shabby for my second quilt. A year ago I could hardly sew in a straight line. Seriously.

These are pictures from our last "Meeting".

And this is the Quilt I just finshed piecing.


  1. Good job on the blog. This blogging can be a really fun hobby too.

  2. You are a great addition to our "Quilters Anon" group.....Keep it up. Are you going to have the disappearing nine patch quilted by Kathy Wolfe?

    She has done some really cool quilts for me lately

  3. Colleen- Thanks! hopefully I can keep it up!
    Adele- Kathy is the Quilter in Duncan, right? If so, then yes actually. I would rather give the business to someone I know(well, that you know!) Instead of just the closest random person I can find online. Gotta support the Duncan economy right? ;) Is she reasonably priced?

  4. She is very reasonable....she also does custom quilting which is what I had done on my Rural Jardin quilt...which is done in the Labrynth pattern....

    I can't wait to see your quilt in person.