Friday, May 20, 2011

Stars or Flowers??

I absolutely CANNOT decide what to do as the back for my quilt. While shopping, I decided it would cost the same to do plain jane backing as it would to piece another top. This is one of the few quilts I plan on sending off to be professionally quilted so hey, might as well get two sides out of it. Right? So here are two patterns that I love. I have enough fabric to do either one. Help me decide!

Twin Stars:

- I think this pattern is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I get twitter-pated when I see it.
-My fabrics are very similar to the quilt above so I know my color variation will look good with this pattern.
- I might be bitting off a little more than I can chew. Reality is, I'm a beginner quilter. Physically, of course I can do it, it just might be a very frustrating and long process.
-Because it's more difficult, it will take longer to piece. The faster I finish, the faster I can start another quilt!

Floral bouquet
- This pattern is more simple and will be faster to piece.
-This totally fits the theme of my quilt. "Jardin des Amoureux" or Garden of Lovers.
- I intended this quilt to be versatile as a Queen/King sized quilt. In order to fit on a King bed, the quilt has to be flipped sideways. This pattern has to be up/down so it can only show on the queen sized bed.
-Is it too feminine?  This is going in a guest room or our master bedroom. Kyle likes it so it must not be too bad, right?
-I'm not sure there's enough color variation in my fabrics for this.

Something else all together?...


  1. My choice would be the first...however think you could modify it and make it a little easier than the original pattern.

    Or you could just wing it and make it randomly like one of my backs.

  2. I love the second one. That quilt is on my list to do, but I am not sure about your colors with this quilt. If your colors are the same as the ones on the first then the first one would be better.

  3. My choice would be the first one. I love it! I think the extra stress would be worth it in the end, it's gorgeous. I also think you would do amazing at either one! Good luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out.